When gorgeous European performer Theo Ford burst onto the gay porn scene three years ago, everyone sat up and took notice. The 6’3 stunner with the runway model looks and intense grey eyes seemed nothing short of a real world Adonis come to life. But just as Ford’s star was ascending, he seemed to all but disappear from the US porn scene. In this exclusive interview, PassTheTea discovers what the worldly-wise 28 year old is doing now — and how finding true love changed his life.

First of all – where have you been? You burst on to the porn scene and everyone was so excited about you and then you disappeared!

I’ve been doing porn for nearly three years now and I haven’t made the decision to “disappear”. But when your personal life changes, your priorities do, too. Porn is a job, and even though it feels like a lifestyle, it’s amazing to discover new personal facets to your individuality. I never want to be limited to one life goal. I’ve re-invented myself multiple times, so embarking on new adventures is thrilling. I thrive in challenging situations.image6

What were your impressions of the porn industry in the US? The good and the bad.

The industry in so different on either side of the pond. In the US the budgets are much bigger. You shoot in incredible locations and they fly you out from anywhere. The studios I was lucky enough to work with have all been incredibly respectful and caring. You feel special and wanted.
The only negative point is because porn is much bigger in the states the performers sometimes believe they’re Hollywood movie stars. Yes we are tremendously lucky to do our job, but we still have to retain a grounded perspective on life and on ourselves. Saying that, I have met some of the most fascinating people thanks to porn. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with them.

Who were some of your favorite scene partners and why?

My number one favorite partner is Colton Grey. We had such an incredible connection from the first time we met in NYC. We had wanted to work together for so long and Icon Male made it happen. During filming I forgot the cameras completely. Our connection was so strong I was somewhat heartbroken when we parted ways. Life has a cruel sense of humour I must say.

You’re now married and seem very happy! How difficult was it to find true love?

I am an unconditional romantic. When I love someone I can move mountains for that them. When I met Shawn it was love at first sight. Everything moved very quickly, but it felt right. Many uncaring people made hurtful comments towards us, and it did hurt. But I also knew that our love was enviable. Spending the last year traveling the world has been a breathtaking adventure filled with love and challenges. I am forever thankful to have found a person who has so much love for me. It’s sometimes even a bit unsettling to have such deep emotions directed towards you, but it truly gives life a whole new meaning.

Have you received any backlash for your relationship?

Many times I’ve heard cruel and insipid comments from jealous and intellectually impaired individuals. Why is happiness such a target of negativity? I still don’t understand why anyone would be so despicable. But it only made my relationship stronger. I fought very hard to protect my marriage from hate.

What are you doing now? Are you planning to stay in porn, return to the US, or do mainstream projects? Please tell us all of your business, we’re very nosy.

Very nosy indeed! My main focus is my writing. It’s a great therapeutic activity. I have so many feelings and thoughts I can express through the written word. I’ve written since I was a child. In December I graduated with a degree in creative writing from London City University. This allowed me to feel more confident in my ability to access my emotions.  As for the future, who knows what it holds? I hope I will always be part of the porn industry, and never would I want to “quit”. But I enjoy exploring new paths in life. Living in Australia has opened my perspective on life to such an unbelievable extent. I now see new opportunities arise. You’ll just have to keep a close watch on my Twitter!image4

You seem like such a sophisticated, elegant man. Do you have a down and dirty side? Do you eat potato chips in your underwear and watch trash TV? Please give us specific examples of ways you’re not perfect.

Perfection is something I was obsessed with as a young man. As time passed, I realized that no such thing exists. I come from a family where education and manners have always been essential to evolve in society. I’ve always felt like an outsider in the adult entertainment industry as I am shy and usually keep to myself. Doing porn was, for me, a way to have an introspective vision and to break away from my lack of confidence. But I’m not sure I have any horrible or creepy flaw! I am very much myself, daily. I guess I may have a big mouth and I’m not afraid to call people out when their behavior is not consistent with human decency.

This is a deceptively simple question, because I find the response is always very revealing: What’s your favorite song?

I love music. My taste is rather eclectic. I guess one that stuck is a song called “It’s Alright” by Deni Hines. It’s a very sensual and erotic song.

We know you’re married now, but when you wanted to seduce someone, what were some of your tricks?

I’ve never had “tricks” and to be honest I never really was one to seduce. I guess trying to be myself and express my feelings as often as possible was enough to inspire the person I liked to look at me the same way. I love being in love and I have spent my entire life searching for it.

What’s the one foolproof way to turn you on?

Making me laugh, and cooking. If someone can do those two things then I have major difficulty resisting them. That’s why I got married to a funny guy who loves to cook and eat!image3

As a writer, you must read quite a bit, too. Who is your favorite author and/or book?

I have two authors whom I love. Marguerite Yourcenar and Patrick Süskind. Those two writers manage to elevate your soul with words. Transporting you into another reality. Memoirs of Hadrian written by Yourcenar and Perfume written by Süskind are two of my favorite pieces of literature.

Use your imagination and fast forward 2 or 3 decades: You’re now a middle aged man. Tell us about your life.

First I will never be “middle aged”. It’s such a depressing adjective. I would love to live by the beach, looking over the water. Continuing writing, with my kids playing on the sand. I crave a simple life, filled with love and happiness. I know I will still be reinventing myself and my goals will always evolve. The one precious thing I’ll always retain is hope.

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