Model Pierre Fitch took to twitter a few days ago to lash out at Cockyboys for what he claims was long-standing misconduct by Cockyboys director Jake Jaxson. Although Zach Sire knew of Fitch’s tweets, the “No Agenda No Censors” blogger inexplicably failed to report — or even acknowledge — the burgeoning scandal.

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When contacted by PassTheTea, Pierre Fitch responded immediately. The model spoke to us via DM and then in a phone interview about his allegations.


After interviewing Fitch, director Nica Noelle tweeted Str8UpGayPorn to ask why Zach Sire hadn’t reported on Fitch’s accusations. Without acknowledging Noelle, Sire tweeted to Fitch that he simply wanted to “get both sides of the story.”



First of all, since when does Zach Sire want to hear both sides of a story? And even if he did, why did it take him nearly two days to get around to contacting Fitch?

Why would Zachary Sire COMPLETELY IGNORE accusations of studio misconduct leveled by an international porn superstar?

Could Sire’s sudden journalistic ethics have anything to do with the fact that Str8UpGayPorn’s owner Davyd Dixon is allegedly Cockyboys’ publicist?

In his follow up tweets to Fitch, Sire accused the distraught model of being a “troublemaker” and “not having any news.”

After being contacted by Sire, a terrified Fitch DM’d Nica Noelle and begged her to stop tweeting @Str8UpGayPorn. Fitch suggested he was now receiving threats. Less than an hour earlier, Fitch had been unafraid to discuss his allegations in detail for publication (and in fact he had been tweeting those allegations himself for the last day and a half.) But in the moments following his conversation with Noelle, someone managed to put the fear of god in Pierre Fitch.





Was it Zachary Sire?

Fearing for the model’s safety and well being, Noelle told Fitch she would delete her tweets to @Str8UpGayPorn and hold off on running the story.


Pretty weird that Zach would go from attacking Pierre to re-tweeting him.


For the time being we aren’t posting the interview with Pierre.. But that could change at anytime 


14 thoughts on “Pierre Fitch Accuses CockyBoys Of Misconduct & STR8UPGAYPORN Tries To Kill The Story”
  1. Models need to be outspoken no matter who threatens you…going public basically scares them from retaliation and protects future models!!! Be a man and stick to your guns!

  2. This is crazy that a studio is doing this to a performer. Pierre needs to step up and fight this craziness. Great job Pass The Tea on exposing the truth. Love this blog!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Bernardo! Not sure what happened at Cockyboys because we’ve only gotten one side of the story (which Pierre keeps recanting) but we’ll update the story as it develops!

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