CockyBoys principals Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian have announced the release of a third collection of fine art photography, titled “Summer Boys,” from publishers Salzberger/Bruno Books and their CockyBoys Ink book imprint.

Blake Mitchell is featured on the cover and exemplifies “a book with many layers: joy and melancholy; strength and vulnerability; love and lust; longing and freedom,” noted a studio rep. “The images in ‘Summer Boys’ evoke all of the above emotions with a sense of carefree bliss that the studio embodies and has long promoted in their work.”

The photographs “express the freedom, joy and inner peace that sometimes only summertime can give us,” the rep continued. “If you really pay attention, you can feel the tender warmth of a summer wind as you turn the pages. If this book awakens the ‘Summer Boy’ within readers, no matter what the season or in what part of the world, their mission is accomplished. Endless summer for everybody.”

Jaxson notes the book’s title and theme were carefully chosen.

“Since taking over and reinventing CockyBoys in 2010 our work has resonated with our private lives, and our lives have found expression in our work,” he said. “This has given us the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally with every new challenge, with every new project and with every new performer.”

“We choose the ‘Summer Boys’ theme because it’s when ‘Camp CockyBoys’ is in full swing, and let’s be honest — it’s the best time of year to take off our clothes, feel the sun and live life to the fullest,” he continued. “I could not be more proud of RJ’s work and progression as one of the leading erotic photographers working today, and I could not be happier with how his photos jump off the page of this beautiful book.”

Even after a decade on the East Coast, Sebastian observed, he struggles with “the darkness and cold seasons in New York.”

“I miss the sunlight, the long warm days and the energy they set free. Every time we travel to L.A. in winter for work or for play, our arrival there is like a sigh of relief. The ‘Summer Boy’ within me comes back to life,” he said.

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