Man how awesome is Jaxton Wheeler? Decided to stick up for his fellow performer on twitter:


Wow, what a great friend…It only took him 56 days to say something about the evil Nica..I wonder if he had Ty’s back last Friday when he was looking for work?? NicJaxton

Hmm, wants to work, cant get gig, turns on Nica..Im certain this is just a coincidence. I suspect Jaxton started caring about Ty around 8:14am



Wait?  Shitty boss?  So shitty you kept working for her until she said NO? Im curious Jaxton, if Nica is so evil, and you care so much about your fellow models, why did you refer other models to Nica and Icon Male? Jax1am

Holy Shit Batman. Starts shooting at 1am?? Dude, you’re texting her 2:3o in the morning, WTF?  You were probably up till 4, fucking around twitter..

Lets face it dude, you’re pissed off cuz Nica couldn’t get you on set. Instead of being a man about it, you went all bitch and brought Ty into it. Now, if Ty wants, I can go into THE REAL reason why he packed up and left LA. For now we can start with this email, Ive redacted a couple family things:

First, I did not realize back when we would text (when you were still in California) and I encouraged you to leave a lifestyle you said was killing you that you thought I meant “come out here and I will give you a new life.” I thought it was a given that when two friends talk and one says “why don’t you leave that place and come back?” that it meant make a new life for yourself, near your family in Maine, not that I would give you a place to stay, etc. However, I did say that I would give you as much work as I could – definitely as a performer and as a PA — though I did not guarantee a big, permanent role because I had no idea what your behaviors/lifestyle were, or what your level of expertise was. I was NOT in a position to offer you a place to stay — the only time I was in a position to do that was when we had the model house on the Vineyard. Having you stay in my house with my mom still here would not have been possible, as I told you the first week you were here. (I said “it’s your luck that this stuff just happened with my mom or you wouldn’t have been able to stay here.” You don’t remember that?) So yes, I was very surprised when you showed up for the shoot and told me that you had come out here with no where to stay.

As I recall, I had booked you for Prisoners of War and when I booked you, you told me that you were done with California and that you would be staying out here for good when you came for the shoot. It was a decision you had already made and informed me of, and I assumed you had made plans with your family. To hear you say now that you got rid of your apartment in California and moved out here because I offered you a job and a place to live is a complete fabrication and I have the texts from that time, as I’m sure you do, too. You should probably take a look at them.

Once I knew you had no where to go and that staying with your family after the shoot was not an option, I obviously wanted you to be okay and I wanted to help you. I told you “I’m not going to tell you you have to be out of here in a week, you can take your time and find a place.” I later clarified that “take your time” meant I was willing to have you stay here rent free for two months (a pretty long grace period, I would say) and that I would give you as much work as I could during those two months. And in the 6 weeks you’ve been living and working here expense-free, I have in fact paid you over ten thousand dollars. 

I’m not saying this to make you feel bad, but because I want you to know that this situation has not been without challenges for me: during the time you have been staying here, I have not been able to use my office and, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. But you are my friend, and you were in trouble, and it seemed important to help you get on your feet. However, letting someone get together 10k, and giving them a place to stay while they look for a place of their own, which I thought you were doing this month, seems pretty generous. It surprises me that in your texts you seem to feel insulted and hurt. My comment that you’re a grown man and you should pay rent if you go on staying longer seemed to offend you, but contributing while you stay here is not something you ever offered to do or brought up. I didn’t say I would throw you out, only that with the amount of money you’re making, it’s not really fair for a grown man to keep living here rent free beyond the two month period I originally offered. I am a single mom and I pay for everything myself, and I can’t take on extra people to care for, I’m sorry.

I really wish these conversations weren’t even necessary. I think friendships survive when there is mutual respect and consideration and I have tried to extend that to you. It’s not that “sometimes Im okay with you and sometimes I’m not.” My reminders to you that this situation cannot go on indefinitely is not a side effect of some mood swing disorder. I have been supportive of you and generous to you because I have wanted to be a friend and to help someone I have long been worried about. But the longer this goes on, the bigger the strain on me and my family, because I was not looking to live with anyone and my life is not set up for that. This was unplanned for me, and I’ve tried to gently let you know that.

So again, at this point I feel like you should be pretty close to having everything you need to find a roommate situation and buy a car. You said you’ll just “live in your car” but I have no idea why you would need to do that with the money you have earned. You can buy a car with a few thousand dollars down and no credit, and you can rent a place to live, or find a house share, with a few thousand dollars, easily. So I don’t feel you’re being asked to do the impossible.

You are welcome to keep working with us, but to avoid any further confusion let me clarify that I am not promising that you will be the photographer on every shoot. I need to know that my ability to rely on you as our photographer is not dependent on providing you with a place to live. I am not obligating the studio or myself personally to you in any way. The positions with our studio are “at will” independent contract positions. I am not guaranteeing any fixed amount of income to you or to anyone on our crew.

I have left two checks on your bed. 2 TS scenes (they pay 800 each) and 2 gay scenes (1000 each) plus PA pay (for one day.)

Our production dates are March 1,2,3 and then I believe 18 19 20 21. I have not made the scene pairings yet, and I’m aware that you want to phase out of performing so I won’t plan on giving you scenes but just photography/PA. I want to keep Anthony on the roster for at least one or two days in April so that I don’t lose him completely, as I’ve mentioned previously.

I hope that clears everything up, and if you don’t agree with any of the above, feel free to respond. Otherwise I hope we can move forward with respect and consideration for each other as friends and coworkers.

Ty turned down $500 a day PA because he didn’t want to make the drive to the shoot location. Ty quit..end of the story..



LOL In the brief time if been doing this, the one thing I’ve learned is most of the talent doesn’t like you Jaxton  lol So good luck with that..


noun, Psychiatry.


a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Anti Social, like pissing everyone one off? making it so others don’t want to shoot with you? You know, how you act towards others Jaxton. Telling me your the most alpha male in gay porn and you don’t care what anyone thinks?

lacks a sense of moral responsibility, like when you ask someone to book you and they don’t, instead of taking it like the caring guy you claim to be, you throw Ty under the bus and use him as the reason you lashed out. Doing it twitter knowing full well the Cockyboys pitchman Zach is gonna use your tweets in another post.

Speaking of Cockyboys, I’ve got some good stuff coming later this week


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  1. This os such a waste of time reading this. You obviously dispise jaxton regardless of all he does to bring hiv & mental health awareness to the porn industry. Why dont you see if you can write a better article with both hands instead of watching his porn while you type

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