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“Making the decision to enter the adult entertainment industry is not one to be made lightly.”

This is the advice I was given repeatedly when I first considered doing porn five years ago.  Back then I was younger, impressionable, uncontrollable, and for the most part without a care in the world.  I was working in a bar and didn’t think much beyond the here and now. Those were good times. But as anyone who has made it past their teens and early 20s will tell you, it is not the best approach if you want a promising future.  This is where my American dream got its first taste of the adult entertainment industry.

I was drinking, dancing, living, loving, and working at a little bar called Pegasus that no longer exists.  During my time there I met a few adult actors, directors, models and some famous drag personalities.  The three that made the biggest impression on me were Brent Everett, Steve Pena, and ChiChi LaRue.  I’d met Brent a few times and saw all the glamour and fun that went along with a career the industry.  I signed a contract with him to represent me as an adult entertainer, but it never amounted to anything.  As many porn actors know, the industry doesn’t do much to orient new models and ease them into the fold. I learned quickly that there is such a thing as asking too many questions. When my agent booked me to do a silkscreen show in a bar, my fears got the best of me and I never showed up. I had so many questions, I didn’t understand so much, I was so nervous, and my agent wasn’t willing (or didn’t have the time) to address my insecurity and fears.CfQPN5uWwAEdFPd.jpg large

After that, I never heard from Brent again. I stopped thinking about a career in the adult industry, and I decided to go back to school. I chose the University of Pittsburgh, where I earned a degree in Global Management.

So why would I decide to back to porn?

What led me back was an odd blending of events.  It began when I met porn actor Xavier Jacobs, who had just moved to Pittsburgh. As I got to know him, I was inspired to reactivate the Twitter account I had created but never used: @AsherDevinXXX. I began posting videos and pictures for fun, and it quickly turned into a hobby.

And then came the crash. Literally, I was in a car accident.  No one was hurt — or even involved — in the crash but me. That was my second DUI. At the time it seemed like a nightmare, but now I view it as a blessing.  The accident forced me to go to the hospital and get a head CT scan.  The scan found a mass in my brain that was completely unrelated to the accident..

While I waited to see a neurologist, I began evaluating the past, present, and what I would like to do with my future, should I even have one.  When faced with the possibility that I might not have much longer to live, I realized that what I truly wanted was to explore a career in the adult industry.

I was examined by the neurologist who gave me the news: the mass was a non-threatening cyst. It posed no threat to my health, other than perhaps an occasional headache. I was going to live. But despite the fact that I once again had my whole life in front of me, my decision to pursue a career in the adult industry stuck. The only issue was, how could I make my dream attainable, and what would become of my hard-earned degree?

I took to Twitter and started networking and talking to everyone I could.  Someone mentioned that Billy Santoro had an MBA and that he was launching a new website. The person suggested I speak with him.

I sought out Billy, who was warm and friendly to me. We discussed his new website,, and I told him a bit about myself. He offered to let me join his team. Because of Billy, my return to the adult industry immediately felt very different than it had the first time around.  All of a sudden I was employed, managing aspects of an adult entertainment website, and assisting my new Boss Lady Billy with anything the site might need. Following my dream to work in the adult industry would not render my business degree obsolete after all.

But there was still my dream of becoming a performer. I worked my butt off to get in shape, but I was still met with silence, brush offs and rejection by the studios I contacted. Until finally a studio said yes.

The first studio to give me a chance was Icon Male. (My very first scene was for them and is still pending release). I was shocked to learn that my costar would be the legendary Nick Capra. It was an amazing experience. My costars and I tweeted photos from set, and Nick sang my praises as an actor and scene partner. After that, I began hearing back from other studios. I was booked for American Muscle Hunks, followed by Hot House.

I’m extremely excited to get into the swing of things and begin my future in the industry with my fans, Billy, and the studios who have given me a chance to prove myself.  And I’m extremely excited for my April 15 release (with the beautiful and buff Johnny V) at

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