Porn superstar Billy Santoro is known for his passionate performances, rock hard abs and sardonic wit – but he’s about to show off his entrepreneurial skills, too. Billy recently developed the new website, and unveiled an innovative concept that excited his fans — and earned a side eye from his haters. PassTheTea sat down with Billy to get the low down on LeakedAndLoaded and how it came to be the model’s #1 passion project.


PTT: Tell us about LeakedandLoaded and what made you come up with the concept.

BS: Leaked and Loaded was a few years in the making. First of all, my goal as a performer has always been to be an open book and to make myself accessible to fans, and that approach resulted in a huge and very loyal fan base. There’s a reason reality TV dominates the entertainment market: people what to know what’s going on beyond that fourth wall.

At the same time, I was discovering that traditional porn no longer turned me on, because I understood the amount of staging involved, and I knew that most porn scenes lack real passion. I started asking my husband to meet up with guys for sex and take smart phone videos of his encounters. I wanted him to text me little clips when I was on set, to help me get turned on for my scenes. Well, I showed a few models some of the clips and they were instantly turned on. That’s when I realized I was on to something. Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes.

Next I had to address certain questions, like how can I protect the models long term? What do I pay models for each clip? I talked to a number of models who weren’t being cast much by porn companies, and I offered to buy their homemade sex clips (which can be as short as 2 minutes in duration) for $50 each.

Basically, the deal is you hook up with whoever you want, send me as many clips as you want, and you get paid. I’ve issued models checks for as much as $2000 at a time. It’s a great way for models to make money between shoots — and to get that extra marketing push.CgXjXakWQAAo4M2

PTT: Newcomer Asher Devin has spoken of his involvement on the business side of LeakedAndLoaded – what does he bring to the table and how did your association with him come about?

BS: Asher reached out to me because he heard that I had a degree in Business at the University of Pittsburgh, which is the where he was about to graduate. He wanted some advice about using his degree in the adult industry, where he was hoping to have a career. I loved his energy and his eagerness, so I brought him on board. I partnered with OLB Media for the site’s creation, affiliate marketing, design and layout, but Asher is assisting me with content management and administrative tasks.

PTT: Tell us about this Leaked and Loaded tour that we keep hearing about.

BS: I mentioned before that reality is the focus of the site. It’s no secret that I travel constantly whether for porn shoots or nightclub appearances, so I will be doing live streaming of all my events, including guys I have sex with.  My agent, Fancy Dismount – she’s fabulous – is putting the tour together. We’ll hold a Leaked and Loaded Hot Body contest in each city I travel to, and the winner will have the option to film with me live.

PTT: A small handful of performers have criticized both you and the site, claiming its an insult to ask them to sell their sex clips for a lousy $50. Have they misunderstood the concept?

BS: Most of the people who have criticized the site just don’t like me, which is fine.  But I’m happy to spell it out for those who lack basic math skills.  You get paid $50 for 2 minutes of sex in the privacy of your own home with whomever you choose; that’s $1500 for 1 hour of sex.  Now, how long does the average porn scene take to shoot?  At least 3 hours, and the model is generally paid between $500 and $1500 for the scene. I realize I have an MBA, but this is math we learn in grade school. That said, the site isn’t for everybody. If your reality sex is boring, I won’t buy it. I also know there are hesitant types who want to see the site in action before they submit, and I get that.

PTT: If the site does well do you have any plans to expand? What is your ultimate goal?

BS: The site will be successful.  But I like to consistently challenge myself, so I have been discussing the possibility of exploring other markets.  With any idea I have, first I do extensive market research to ensure it’s something the public will pay for.  My ultimate goal is to break down the fourth wall in porn, to make realty sex the norm and enable performers to control their brands —  regardless of whether they’re being cast by the studios. It will be impossible to blackball a performer with this business model.

PTT: If couples want to submit to L&L, how should they get in touch with you?

BS: The easiest is to email me directly at or used the link :


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