PTT talks with porn’s eternally wild boy-next-door about what he looks for in a man, his upcoming first gang bang, and what those tiger paw tattoos on his chest really mean.

Rumor has it you’re going to be shooting your first gangbang. What brought this on? Was it a secret fantasy of yours?

Honestly, I wanted to do something over the top “wild” if you will. I’ve never done anything more then a threesome in my entire career, so I want to give my fans something different. And of course I will be the only bottom in this film, so I can have a group of hot men touching and loving on me! I couldn’t ask for anything better!  I love sex and I love what I do, so I’m quite excited for it. Cat6LUzUcAAkyBy

What type of men do you generally go for?

I have a wide range of what I’d consider “my type.” I’m really into a manly men, but I like a pretty boy face. I love uncut cock. But honestly I don’t think I have just one type! I prefer heart in a man! But a heart also pumps to his cock!

How hard is it to seriously date someone when you’re a porn star? Is it lonely being a sex object?

This is a wonderful question. It really is kind of difficult. It’s hard sharing someone you love. Even though porn is a job and, personally speaking, I do porn simply to make hot movies for the people of the world. I don’t go to set wanting to fall in love with my scene partners or thinking about it as a date. So I think that’s something a partner should understand if they’re dating a porn star. Their partner is coming home to them, to love them. Jealousy is just an insecurity that they should try to overcome if they actually love their porn star boyfriend. Sex isn’t love, it’s just an erotic act. Porn has actually made me value love and making love a lot more. It’s of course hot to just fuck, but making love is an entirely different, kind of euphoric connection.

Explain the significance of the two paws tattooed on your chest.

Actually it’s a very interesting story. I was 17 and I went to the local mall in my hometown, in Brainerd Minnesota, and there was a traveling exotic animal show called “Joe Exotic” at the mall. They toured the USA raising money for an exotic animals sanctuary in Oklahoma. They had all these beautiful baby tigers traveling with them that people could pay to take pictures with, and all the money went to funding the sanctuary. Well, they had a “help wanted” sign on the cage, and I was about to turn 18 a few days later. So I went home and my little Wilde self told my mom I was going to save baby tigers! It was a huge experience that not a lot of people in my life know about. But I got the tiger paws because one night I was bottle feeding four newborn tigers and I just started crying. Those baby animals seemed so precious and untainted. It truly was an important moment in me becoming who I am. So I got the tattoo to remind myself that the most precious gift of all is helping without the intention of getting something in return. I saved four baby tigers lives and I will forever nurture that memory.

What’s your worst habit? So that people know you’re not completely perfect.

Oh wow, I’m so far from perfect. I make mistakes everyday. I’m human. But I think life is what you make of it, and in the end everything happens the way it’s supposed to. So I don’t think I have any bad habits, but I am human and I make mistakes like anyone else.

How old were you when you lost your virginity and was it horrible or great?

Hahaha! Omg! I’ve been sexual since a very young age. When I was nine I fooled around with a girl from the neighborhood, like kissing and playing with each other, and when I got older I fooled around with my male babysitter. Looking back now, it’s a bit twisted! But I liked it so I wouldn’t change it!Caa7ZpDUMAE1zwY

What do other people say is your best feature, and what do you think your best feature is?

To other people, probably my ass. Then my eyes. In my opinion, my best feature is my heart.

Who is the closest person to you in the world, and why?

Definitely my mother. She’s my best friend in the entire world. She recently tried killing herself and it’s been really hard on me, because she is my rock and I could never imagine my life without her. I’m the oldest and feel extremely paternal toward her and my siblings so it’s hard to know someone you love is sad and you can’t do anything to make that go away.

Make three wishes!

Like in Aladdin? Let’s see. Definitely to continue to be happy as I am, to stay who I am inside. To find love. To not have to stress over money. I’d also wish for my siblings and my mom to have all their dreams come true. But I guess that’s more than three – sorry! And to my fans, I just want to say: love yourself. Know it’s okay to not be perfect! But smile and try your best! That’s all we can do.


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  1. Now that I know the the backstory of the tiger paw print tats on his chest I am a bigger fan because I like people who like animals especially helping endangered animals.

    I bet he is a real tiger in bed too.

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