This is the first of many ‘Pass The Tea’ interviews we have ready for print.

You’re certainly looking ripped these days (we’ve been stalking your twitter)! How do you get that body?

Thanks! I try to do cardio in two sessions, one half hour session in the morning and another in the evening, and lift daily. My diet is pretty much vegan with a cheat every now and then.IMG_1621

A notoriously divisive blogger decided to target you recently. Do you think internet bullies have found a way to legitimize cyber-harassment by calling themselves “bloggers”? What’s the best way to handle being targeted by someone with questionable ethics and a platform to reach thousands of people/fans?

The best thing someone can do is ignore them – – something I haven’t always had the will power to do. It’s 2015, and we’ve now become online products. Attacking people online has become just as serious as attacking someone in person – – or worse. Like you said, these attacks reach thousands of people at the click of a button. They can be potentially damaging to not only the person being attacked, but other’s who rely on them, as well. For example, Ryan Rose incessantly called me fat and it ended up on blogs and was publicized. I now know that’s obviously not the case, but for a while I was under the impression that I was overweight. After all why would people waste their time writing about and publishing things that aren’t true?

Who’s your dream date/fantasy person?

Matt Bomer. I’m on a white collar binge right now! Thinking of sucking his dick when he’s in that suit is my jack off material.

A lot of guys think being a porn star must be a dream job – are they right? What’s it really like to have sex in front of a camera? Is it fun? Or weird? Do you get truly turned on, or is it a struggle?

It’s fun most times. Naturally when someone first starts it’s a little nerve wracking but it will get better. You’ll eventually get used to the hot lights and a director from behind the camera whispering “now go in to lick his hole…”, all of that becomes normal. I’ve enjoyed everyone I’ve been with on screen. I will say it’s much easier to be turned on if you’ve met your scene partner before – – it’s less awkward.IMG_1801

What are some things you’d like to do in porn that you haven’t done yet?

I really want to fist someone. I’m a really good fisting top. I think it’d be different for people to see that side of me.

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