One of porn’s biggest and most outspoken personalities talks real sex, living sober — and that infamous feud with Icon Male director Nica Noelle


PTT: Youre known as a bit of a controversial figure in porn, where people seem to have very strong feelings about you, for better or worse. What makes you such a polarizing figure?

BS: I think the motto “better seen, not heard” is attached to anyone who is primarily known for looks or physical performance.  The cold, hard truth is that I have opinions.  I express my opinions.  It’s a double edged sword.  I live my truth, but I also allow the public to live it with me.  I feel I have a huge fan base because of this. I am relatable. I am very vocal about the dynamics of my personal life, my marriage, my obstacles.  There will always be those who criticize my beliefs, but I feel my openness about who I am and how I live has helped others come to terms with being in this industry, and being happy.brutos06785_BillySantoro

PTT: You’ve done every kind of scene, and worked for almost every studio out there. What are your favorite kinds of scenes and types of projects to work on? Do you prefer lots of dialogue, or cut to the chasesex scenes? Rough or romantic? Do tell!

BS: My favorite scenes are always those that make sense.  Does that make sense?  Meaning, there is a reason we are having sex.  There is a story.  Doing a scene where we start on a box with no idea who we are and what our relationship is, in my opinion, creates a disconnect.  I enjoy scenes where the story develops the relationship to the point where the viewer understands why the sex is rough or sensual or passionate or distant. I love scenes that gradually build to the point of release.  As far as performing goes, my style is very intimate.  I treat my scene partners as if they are my one true desire.  I am very passionate in my approach to kissing and touching.  I am less of a ‘technical’ or ‘posey’ performer.  My goal is to make the viewer want to embrace and kiss me.

PTT: Earlier this year you shared a very personal vlog about your struggles with alcohol and your determination to get that issue under control. How are you doing and how has your life changed as a result of embracing a healthier, more sober lifestyle?

BS: I have never been formally diagnosed as an alcoholic, but I realized that I was hurting people around me and the common denominator was always booze. I faced an easy decision, that isn’t easy for most. I had to quit drinking or lose the ones I love.  And I did it! The interesting part of that journey is that I was able to see clearly the consequences of my past behavior.  I hurt a lot of people.  I continue to make amends where I can. The best part of being sober is that I can look in the mirror and smile.

PTT: How do you get that insane body? Is it possible for a mere mortal to achieve? Diet and workout tips, please!

BS: I don’t lie about this.  I have used steroids in the past to achieve goals where my genetics just said no.  But, steroids do not work unless you maintain the proper diet and work out hard daily.  I am open and honest about this because I was that skinny kid who envied all these guys who looked incredible.  I was so frustrated trying to attain these goals.  We all have genetic potential.  Mine was not to have a muscular body, but I wanted it!  I started by getting myself certified as a personal trainer, mainly to teach myself.  My body started changing over night, but there was only so much I could achieve naturally.  After a few years of dead ends and plateaus, I decided to give testosterone and other anabolic steroids a try.  Obviously, it worked.  But the fine line is to know when you are supplementing and when you are abusing.  I have always followed the safe implementation of steroids into my supplementation routine.

PTT: You had a very public feud with Icon Male director Nica Nolle earlier this year which was highly publicized by a tabloid porn blog, but less publicized was that you and Nica apparently made amends and are working together again. Are things honestly ok between you after all that drama? Why did you want to work with Icon Male or Nica again after what happened?

BS: Well, remember the alcohol thing I just discussed.  I lost a lot of friends.  Nica was one of those people.  I wanted to make amends with her for a while, but I bit my tongue.  I stayed away. I sat down to compose email after email to her and deleted it.  The words were not coming to me.  Then, finally, I said to myself, “Billy, just be you.”  I wrote Nica with a very raw, open heart.  My motivation was not to work with Icon Male again, but to mend my friendship with someone I hurt.  The honest truth is that I never really had a big problem with Nica.  I was angry at something else completely and lashed out at her.  Of course she lashed back, and there you have it.  Take note, I never once bashed Icon Male films or Nica’s directing. I loved my work with the studio and Nica was able to bring performances out of me that I just didn’t think existed in porn.  I have since filmed two yet to be released scenes directed by Nica. So it’s business as usual, but now I have my friend back. brutos01088_BillySantoro

PTT: What’s next for you after porn?

BS: After porn?  There is an afterlife?  I have always been very entrepreneurial.  I have a business degree from the University of Pittsburgh.  I have run the operations for fortune 500 companies throughout most of my adult life.  My experience in the industry has shown me a couple things.  First of all, models really rely on studios for work.  Getting the role is highly competitive. Second, real sex sells. I have decided to start my own website:, which will feature porn stars’ homemade smartphone videoed sex clips.  I am paying porn guys $50 a clip of their real sex.  Nothing staged.  This way the porn star can be in control of making his own money and not depend on being cast all the time.  Also, this is a marketing tool for stars.  This will allow fans to see who we really are, which creates fan loyalty.

PTT: What’s your favorite song of all time, and why?

BS: Saving all my Love for You, by Whitney Houston    I didn’t know it at the time as I was very young when I bought the cassette single [my first ever], but this song resonates with me.  I truly did save all my love for my husband [Seth Santoro].  I never loved someone unconditionally before him.  It’s a liberating feeling.


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