Increasingly desperate to lure readers, failing gay porn blog The Sword ran a story speculating that Mile High Media plans to replace Icon Male director Nica Noelle with another of its female in-house directors, Dana Vespoli. The story was concocted following Icon Male’s April 13 release of “The Devil Is In The Details,” a psychological thriller directed by Vespoli.

“These are gossip blogs, not credible news sites. They never investigate anything,” Noelle told PassTheTea, in response to The Sword’s headline story. “If they did, they wouldn’t have 75% of their content.”CeZ2zjAW4AAfu_H

“The Devil Is In The Details” marks the first gay porn release from Vespoli, who also directs Mile High’s all-girl line, Sweetheart Video.

“I’ve been encouraging Dana for years to try her hand at gay porn, because she’s a brilliant filmmaker and I knew she could bring something fresh to the genre,” Noelle said. “Meanwhile, Sweetheart fans have been asking me to come back to lesbian porn. So Dana and I asked Mile High if we could trade off titles.”

“The Devil is in the Details” was filmed in Los Angeles, while Noelle filmed “A Mother’s Secret” for Sweetheart Video on location in New England. Both films were shot in December 2015.

“It’s a win/win for directors and fans when we can create in multiple genres,” Noelle said. “It helps the directors to stay inspired, and the fans get more variety.”

“We realize blogs have to create drama by putting an outrageous spin on everything,” said Mile High Media President Jon Blitt. “These are the tabloids of our industry, and unfortunately it comes with the territory.”

So why is Vespoli suddenly directing for Icon Male?

“Nica and Dana came to me last year and asked if they could shoot a title for each other’s studios,” Blitt explained. “Nica created Sweetheart Video, and since her return to Mile High the fans have been asking us when she’s going to do another all-girl movie.”

When Vespoli expressed interest in directing an Icon Male title, Blitt said, “it created an opportunity to give Nica a Sweetheart title and to make both of our directors happy. There’s your scandal.”cYcZoU6M

When asked if The Sword and Zachary Sire’s relentless attacks on Noelle have influenced Mile High’s relationship with the director, Blitt laughed.

“The idea that we’d replace one of our top directors because she’s being harassed on the Internet is ridiculous,” Blitt said. “No truth to it whatsoever.”

Watch Icon Male’s “The Devil Is In The Details” directed by Dana Vespoli on VOD:


10 thoughts on “The Sword Concocts A Bullshit Story About Icon Male And Nica Noelle”
  1. Oh good another heteronormative Icon Male ”film”. The ”attacks” on Nica and Icon Male happen because the content is bad, there’s nothing else to it. The fact that the company is straight owned and insists on putting these heteronormative stories also help.

    1. It’s not “bad,” it’s just not your taste, in which case you should watch what you like. I’m interested to know what you mean by heteronormative, though. You mean because some characters are portrayed as straight? Or… ?

      Also, we make trans movies and I’m not trans. Nor am I a true lesbian, even though I make lesbian films. This is an artistic medium. To say that only gay men should be making guy/guy porn is a political position, not an artistic one.

      1. The majority of the male characters in your films are straight, it’s very rare to find gay or bi characters in it (which is very heteronormative, btw). Also, I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s pretty obvious that gay or bi men would have a better understanding of gay sexuality and would make better gay porn (in the same way that lesbian women would be better directing lesbian porn and trans people directing trans porn).

  2. “These are gossip blogs, not credible news sites. They never investigate anything,” Noelle told PassTheTea, in response to The Sword’s headline story. “If they did, they wouldn’t have 75% of their content.”

    This, on a blog which in its banner advertises “Porn News, GOSSIP, and Interviews.”

    1. I guess I should help you to make a few distinctions. “Gossip” isn’t necessarily untruthful. It can be very truthful! That said, at PassTheTea we try to maintain some journalistic ethics. Pulling a story out of our ass with absolutely no basis in reality isn’t something we”re inclined to do. But to each his own!

      Thanks for visiting our site!

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