You recently did your first TS scenes after having performed only in gay porn, and judging from your twitter you received some backlash from gay fans. Did you expect the criticism, and what do you make of it?

I honestly don’t follow twitter like most other models, and I don’t have the time to put my energy into that kind of negative feedback. At the same time, all feedback is good feedback, because it means I’m attracting viewers. As for whether I expected some negativity, I was warned, yes. But in my opinion with the way the industry has gone so far downhill, with probably at least 75% of our viewers viewing porn for free, their criticism and loss of attraction is kind of irrelevant.

You did an interview with where you were quoted as saying that off screen a man should never approach you “unless he knows my rate.” Many gay fans took this as a not too subtle slap in the face. Care to explain yourself?

I’m glad you asked. First of all, that interview was done through Facebook chat, text only. So there were a few things I threw at Dewy that were pure sarcasm, but that obviously didn’t translate. What I should have said was if you see me out and about, feel free to say hi, just be respectful of the fact that when I’m not on camera I’m a normal dude with a normal sex drive. You have to be better than a basic bitch to get me interested — and don’t think your physical appearance will get me going. Hygiene and brains are the the top dogs. But anyone who has ever met me will tell you that I’m very approachable.Jaxton-Wheeler-fucks-Johnny-Rapid-in-Theres-Something-About-Johnny-on-gay-porn-site-Drill-My-Hole-2

In that same interview, the writer alluded to your “struggle with steroid abuse.” You certainly look pretty jacked these days. What’s the story on that front? Are you still juicing?

I wasn’t even aware that the writer used the term “struggling with steroid abuse” until long after the interview ran because I never follow up on these things. But when I did read it, I was pretty disappointed. While I’m open about my use of muscle enhancers, I definitely wouldn’t describe it as a struggle. I only started using steroids because of a back injury that I’m still dealing with, and my usage is very similar to that of someone who is engaged with hormone replacement therapy. While we’re on the subject of explaining old interviews, I’ll also throw out that I’m aware hormone pills don’t change a TS girl’s voice, and when I said that, it was my mistake. But I do know that estrogen can make the skin softer to the touch.


Do you feel that men who don’t identify as gay in real life can be just as authentic in a gay scene as men who do? What do you think about fans who have a problem with “gay for pay” performers?

Let me start by saying that for most studios what goes on in a real bedroom is completely misunderstood. With the exception of Icon Male, all my scenes kind of follow the same formula from start to cum shot: angles, positions, under shots. So I’d say it’s even hard for men who identify as gay to get fully into the scenes because they put you in some really uncomfortable positions. I’ve never been one to label myself straight, I’ve always stayed away from labels, but I do consider myself an adult film performer. It’s my job to portray someone who is sexually attracted to whoever my scene partner happens to be. Sex is different for everyone, so the flavor I bring is not going to be for everyone, and that’s okay.

What do you hope to accomplish in adult film, or are you just using it as a stepping stone/ to make money?

Until recently my boundaries have been set by the person I was dating off camera. For a while I was dating a woman who was comfortable with me working with males but not females, so I only accepted gay bookings. Another reason I chose to do gay is because the male talent in straight porn doesn’t seem to get the recognition they deserve. For the amount of energy and time put in, you might as well take a few minimum wage shifts and save yourself the hassle.JaxtonWheeler-1

What kind of porn do you watch? Do you have any favorite themes? Romantic? Rough?

It varies. Guy on guy does nothing for me, mainly because of the two masculine voices. I can watch TS porn, but usually I watch average looking girls doing anal, or girls who have fat asses. Sometimes I watch animated porn – talk about fantasy!

What kind of projects do you prefer (in porn)? Do you like dialogue-heavy features where you can do a lot of acting, or do you prefer pure sex scenes with no story line?

It depends. As much as I like to say I pride myself on doing great dialogue in porn, its still just porn. But I enjoy it, and it gives me a chance to practice a little bit of acting. On the other hand, pure sex scenes don’t take up most of the day!

You seem to have a lot of natural ability when it comes to acting. Do you have any aspirations in this area?
One of the things I’m discovering is that if you’re willing to put in the time and work, its easier than you think to become an actor. How far you go will depend on your dedication to the craft and the relationships you’re able to build, but mainstream acting is definitely something I plan to pursue.

What are your favorite scenes that you’ve done so far, and why?

So far, the scenes themselves definitely have to be the ones with Icon Male. The way it’s shot its so much more organic and fluid. Its a lot easier to want to fuck someone if you can actually fuck them.

Who’s your hero?
Of all time, I’d have to say Alexander the Great: bisexual, intelligent and the ultimate warrior, yet a humanitarian and diplomat. Today I’d say my track and field coach from high school. In his 20’s and early 30’s he was a heavy drug user and alcoholic, but today he’s a drug and alcohol counselor, cross-country ski coach, humanitarian, and an activist fighting against human trafficking. He’s the kind of person i aspire to be.


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  1. Not a fan of his. He is playing that not gonna label myself game and that is a big turn off in my book. Your either gay, bi or straight. And guys that take steroids end up with shriveled penises and balls and roid rage. So I would steer clear of that train wreck.

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