Another fine example of Zachs double standard..As soon as it became public that I (Sean @TRPWL) had partnered with Nica to create PassTheTea.com, my new bitch Zach blocked not only @passthetea but also @TRPWL.  Im not sure why, as I have like 80 twitters spread out over 6 apps and Zach still hangs on every tweet…


Porn actor Billy Santoro recently blocked hate blog Str8UpGayPorn on twitter due to editor Zach Sire’s abuse of adult industry models and studios. Santoro’s decision to denounce Sire and his tactics quickly resulted in the hate blogger targeting Santoro for one of SUGP’s well known smear campaigns.ubnauvBo

“I knew when I blocked [Sire] that he’d come for me in his blog,” Santoro said of the 40 year old blogger’s attacks. “I was expecting it.”

Santoro, who last year made public a private struggle with alcohol abuse and apologized to friends and colleagues for his resulting bouts of aggression, fell out of favor with Sire when he distanced himself from Str8UpGayPorn. Diesel Washington, a personal friend of Sire’s who uses his twitter account to bully and harass SUGP targets, recently escalated his own attacks on Santoro.

Ironically, St8UpGayPorn, who boasts the motto “No Censors No Agenda” routinely censors and refuses to report news such as Santoro’s vlog post or any items that might serve to paint Sire’s enemies in a positive light. Meanwhile, studios such as Cockyboys, (where Str8UpGayPorn’s owner Davyd Dixon works as a publicist) are treated with kid gloves by Sire, who protects SUGP’s financial partners at all costs.

“The last straw for me was [Zachary Sire’s] cyberbullying of Vadim Black,” said Santoro, of his decision to break ties with Sire. Black, a 20 year old rising gay porn star, is harassed and ridiculed by Sire on a daily basis.

“I worked with Vadim on ‘Brandon Wilde’s First Gangbang’ and he’s a great person. I’d expected him to be a monster because of everything Str8UpGayPorn had written about him.

“That was a reality check,” Santoro said.

When Sire’s bullying of Black continued, Santoro spoke up.

“I tweeted to Zach that Vadim is a good guy who doesn’t deserve the abuse,” Santoro said. “And that’s when negative stories about me started popping up on Str8UpGayPorn.”

Sire, who has multiple fake twitter accounts that he uses to harass performers and compliment his own blog posts, is expected to continue with the smear campaign against Santoro. These public floggings are designed to send a message to adult performers about what to expect should they speak out against St8UpGayPorn.

“Zach Sire is a bully. He only leaves you alone if you’re willing to be one of his sources or support Str8UpGayPorn,” Santoro said. “If you decide you don’t want to anymore, you’ll be his next target.”




5 thoughts on “STR8UPGAYPORN Turns On Billy Santoro After He Blocks The Hate Blog On Twitter”
  1. I also think he targets performers who have a huge social media following basically baiting us into a public social media battle so that my follower will click on him to see who he is. Ignoring him on social media is best because he can’t capitalize on our following.

  2. Like Sands Through the Hour Glass so are the Gay of Our Lives. This is like a soap opera, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next in this battle of the gay porn stars and bloggers.

  3. Zach Sire portrays himself as an industry watchdog who only targets those who deserve it when in fact he chooses his targets according to a highly biased personal & financial agenda. Sadly, he’s being enabled by some of gay porn’s power elite, who enjoy a symbiotic relationship with him and his blog. Studios and agents use him to promote or smear models/other studios according to their needs.

    In order to maintain a climate of fear among industry workers, Sire publicly humiliates anyone who speaks out against him. Str8UpGayPorn runs story after story to create the illusion that Sire’s critic is unattractive/on drugs/an industry pariah, etc. PassTheTea will be vigorously defending any model he targets from here on, and we encourage those who have been intimidated or threatened by Sire to contact us.

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