The last time we saw campaign manager Mark Rollins, he was on his knees begging a reporter to not release a secret sex tape of Senator Mike Cauke. We catch up with the newly-unemployed Mark a few months later as he leaves Washington D.C. and heads back to his hometown of Los Angeles and the laid back neighborhood of Silverlake. Stopping for a night in Palm Springs before arriving at his final destination, Mark runs into former colleague Steve Roman who’s now with his new boyfriend Vince.

The three men take the opportunity to strip down in the hot desert sun and explore their tanned, muscular bodies. Mark drops down to his knees to suck the big, thick Italian cock on Vinnie. Looking up at the two lovers, sucking one and then the other, Mark feels the uptight beltway sexual repression fall away and he finally allows himself to enjoy man-on-man-on-man sex.

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