Beefy Jacob Peterson, with a light dusting of hair across his muscled torso, strokes his cock while streaming some porn on his tablet. Scott Demarco dozes in bed next to Jacob. With his uncut cock in one hand, Jacob looks over at Scott with a devious glint in his eye. He sees Scott’s cock twitch under the sheets. Ditching the tablet, Jacob pulls down the sheets, and wraps his lips around Scott’s thick tool. As he slowly wakes up, Scott starts moaning approvingly. Jacob works Scott’s cock more aggressively, stroking with his hands and using his tongue to stimulate every inch of Scott’s boner. Switching roles, Scott goes down on Jacob’s massive meat. He strokes Jacob’s cock, watching the foreskin roll across Jacob’s cock head. Eager for more, Scott rolls Jacob over and buries his face in Jacob’s ass.

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