Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Bruce Beckham and Jesse Jackman are the first to rent the huge home. They make a toast, then rub their 5 o’clock shadows against each other as they kiss. Jesse strips down the smooth Bruce, whose massive meat begs for attention as Jesse stares at it. Jesse looks up, rubbing Bruce’s huge pec as he sucks him. Bruce gets sucked on the coach as their bodies grind against each other. Bruce slurps the hairy muscle man back, stroking Jesse’s meat as they stare into each other’s eyes. In bed, Jesse fingers Bruce’s tight ass (“Yeah, play with my hole!”), warming it up. Jesse holds and spreads Bruce’s legs as he fucks him, starting slow then picking up the pace as the bottom’s pecs shake. Bruce then fucks and strokes Jesse as the same time, his hand squeezing the bottom’s pec before they both release.

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