Corrigan Tweets

Following a flurry of PassTheTea stories that shed light on porn blogger Zachary Sire’s intimidation and smear tactics, our little Zach went into quite a tailspin! From odd twitter rants about gay for pay models, to recruiting homophobic blogger Mike South as his new bestie – – even kissing up to his frequent object of ridicule, Brent Corrigan – – Zach has been one busy boy!

Check out the “New & Improved Zach” telling Brent Corrigan (a model he often refers to as “delusional”) that it would be “an honor” to interview him about the new movie based on Corrigan’s early career.

Corrigan Tweets

Here Zach is again, coyly demurring from a confrontation that resulted from a smart-ass tweet he’d sent earlier:


Best of all, here’s Zach RT’ing the assertion that just because a gay man has sex with a woman and enjoys it, IT DOESN’T mean he’s NOT GAY! Zach didn’t add any insults or sarcastic remarks to the tweet, he simply shared the sentiment with his followers!


Is this kinder, gentler Zach Sire for real? Or is it just a temporary attitude adjustment until the heat is off?

We’ll take door number two!

Some of you might recall that just a year ago in a fit of narcissistic rage Sire outed the identity of beloved porn blogger QueerMeNow. The gay porn community was mortified, and circulated a petition to shut the reckless hate blogger down. Sire – – who may be a lunatic but is no dummy – – quickly cleaned up his act. (He even tweeted funny little videos to Nica Noelle, and tweeted that his attacks on her had been “based on nothing real.”)

But just when everyone thought Zach had turned over a new leaf, he was right back at it: harassing and mocking gay performers, and smearing studios that don’t financially support him.

Former US President George W. Bush said it better than we ever could.



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