Zach Sire is so used to being the one who dishes it out he has no idea how to react when he’s on the other side. In a desperate move for intel, Zach reached out to str8 porn industry washout blogger Mike South  – – a guy I made a fool of more times than I can count on TRPWL.com (enjoy). Mike was once the “go to” blog in porn, until we revealed how much of a pathological liar he really was. At one point South had an Alexa ranking of close to 29,000 in the world, but now that’s dipped to around 360,000 and he’s nothing more than water cooler chatter


I find great comfort in Sire and South joining forces. Both use their blog as a weapon, both live in a fake world of self importance and think they’re actually “someone.”  Two guys with an agenda, and no concept of what’s right.

This relationship isn’t new; Zach has been a South source for a while. With Zach’s help, Mike has routinely outed crossover talent, gay escorts and allowed “guest” bloggers to trash the gay community. I say “guest,” but those of us who know South know that he creates fake emails and guest writers when he wants to write fucked up shit and not be held responsible.

But Mike does have one Gay friend, Michael Weinstein. You know, the guy that ignores HIV epidemics while spending money on trying to put condoms on pornstars, the guy who bashes Truvada daily. AHF gave South a login to outlook account, allowing South to report stuff that’s PRO AHF before it became part of the news cycle.

Basically what I’m saying is if you wanna find a partner in crime to help you out, and you’re a gay guy who says all he wants to do is “protect” gay performers, you don’t make friends with a guy who regularly runs headlines like this:



I don’t remember, did Zach even mention this headline on his site?  I know If had wrote that on TRPWL Zach would have gotten a woody.

Maybe some one could tell me which gay men I’ve harassed?  The only gay man Ive said anything derogatory about is Zach.  Zach, how many gay men have YOU harassed?


This is epic.  Its not my fault Cockyboys fucked a model over, and it certainly isn’t Nica’s fault. I didn’t make Pierre Fitch take to twitter and attack Cockyboys. So maybe what you’re really saying is cuz you’re gay, its ok for you to be an asshole towards other gay people. Since you’re gay, it’s ok for you to harass and bully other gay people. Since you’re gay, its ok for you to ask for help from a STRAIGHT guy who bashes gays. I’ve got over 9000 posts on TRPWL and aside from my posts about you, there aren’t any bashing gays. In fact, its about as pro gay as you get for a”straight” site. But, you can’t say that about your site, can you Zach? I’ll take it one step further and say I’ve done more on my STRAIGHT site to promote gay rights than you have on your GAY site. But then you’re the guy who outed another gay blogger out of spite. So who knows, maybe I’ve been doing it all wrong

Zach, there is nothing you can post, say, tweet or do that has any effect on me. You’re about as predictable as they come. I’ve been getting trolled by some of the best for the last 5 years, and you aren’t at their level. You, on the other hand, are an easy target. And NO, its not cuz you’re gay, its cuz you’re a bully. Bullies are the easiest prey of all.


And remember Zach, I told you I’d play by YOUR rules. Keep that in mind tomorrow.


One thought on “A Desperate Zach Sire Reaches Out To Homophobe For Help”
  1. OMG! Yes Mike South. All gay men who shoot bareback have HIV. Reading some of the stuff on the site TRPWL, it would appear from your questionable shooting practices that you’re at more of a risk than bareback performers.

    Shame on Zach for even talking to this guy

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