Don Davidson, MD, Medical Director of a leading medical cannabis clinic, is now taking appointments to perform medical marijuana evaluations for guests at private social events in the Los Angeles area.

Davidson, who was recently interviewed for NBC’s Dateline, is the youngest doctor in the United States to openly and aggressively advocate for access to medicinal marijuana in order to lessen the staggering narcotic load given to patients.

“Medical Cannabis is an alternative for many patients who suffer from insomnia, chronic pain, migraines, anxiety and other disorders to other ‘traditional’ medications,” said Davidson, adding that he supports “increasing access to cannabis recommendations by offering a ‘we come to your event’ service with my team.”

Davidson, who is also a dating coach and lifestyle design expert, has prior medical experience as a surgical resident with emphasis on septic shock, pneumonia and traumatic brain injury, before  he took an active role in the medical marijuana field last year.

In addition, the doctor also counsels prospective medical marijuana patients on their legal rights and responsibilities while reviewing patients’ medical records to determine if they qualify for certification so individuals may have an affordable, convenient substitute for addictive and expensive medications.

“My dream is that soon, residents will have the power to give medical marijuana to patients in the hospital,” said Davidson, “instead of a constant stream of narcotics and NSAIDs.”

Dr. Davidson is also currently on the front page of 420DoctorsLA.com dedicated to his private event service. For more information on Davidson’s services, please contact don.davidsonmd@icloud.com or go to: www.420doctorsla.com/fundraser.


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