LOS ANGELES — Dominic Ford has released an early proof-of-concept video showing experimentation with 3D holograms.

The producer explained that holograms are 3D images projected into 3D space (think “Star Wars”). He said by filming video in a special way and projecting it using a holographic display, users are able to not only watch a scene, but have it look like it’s happening in real life right in front of their eyes.203574_r5

“Holographic displays won’t be available to consumers for the foreseeable future, but that has never stopped us before,” Ford said. He noted that his company released 3D footage before 3D TVs existed, and pioneered both the 1080p and 4K formats in the adult world.

“We always like to stay a few steps ahead of the curve. We started releasing 3D Virtual Reality scenes last month, and holograms represent the distant future of what’s possible. Of course we had to play around and see what we could do,” Ford said.

The proof of concept video can be found here.


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