In the Castro, the bars are slammed with Pride party-goers, and the scene at Beaux is filled with hot, gorgeous guys raring to fuck. JJ Knight gets lucky right away with fellow Pride-goer Kyler Ash. They duck into the bathroom stall and start making out as the music pounds away. As Kyler starts blowing JJ’s monster meat, JJ’s friend and roommate Wesley Woods sneaks a peek over the stall wall, but JJ and Kyler are having too much fun to notice Wesley. JJ starts thrusting his hips as Kyler slurps on JJ’s massive tool. JJ has always been an ass man, and Kyler’s perfect butt is too delicious to resist. JJ parts Kyler’s cheeks and dives in with his tongue, wetting Kyler’s asshole in preparation for an intense fucking.

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