The crew is chilling over pizza and beer at their vacation house on the river, settling in after the drive up from San Francisco. Ryan Rose asks European studs Brute and Ken Rodeo why they decided to come visit. Ken says that they wanted to see what San Francisco Pride was all about, and Brute adds that they want to ‘shag as many blokes as possible.’ Ken says that he views American guys as a challenge – because they’re more uptight sexually! The Americans protest, proclaiming that they’re just as sexually liberated as Europeans. But it’s late, and the guys head to bed without resolving their debate. Later, as Wesley Woods is undressing for bed, he hears a knock at his door. It’s Ken, and he wastes no time telling Wesley, ‘I want you to fuck me!’ ‘That’s very to the point,’ says Wesley, feeling a bit shocked, but something about Ken’s assertiveness really turns him on. They start making out, and Ken goes down on Wesley’s cock.

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