It’s incredible what can happen when you get two professionals in one room. Topher Dimaggio & Tayte Hanson first met a couple years ago and Tayte admits that his first impression of Topher was that he is an arrogant cocky fuck. But now that he’s had a chance to get to know him a little bit better – he can’t seem to be able to get enough of him. After a short walk around LA, Topher decides to take Tayte back to the hotel room for some mid-afternoon “pound your brains out” kind of sex.

And we all know Tayte is always ready for a workout. As Tayte is showering he starts to finger his hole which turns Topher on and he can’t help but join him in the shower to help him stretch that hole open even more. After some intense deep-throating from Tayte he is basically begging Topher to fuck him. Topher is not the kind of guy who waits for a second invitation so of course he sits down so that Tayte can get on top of him for a bit while he warms up his hole. Tayte is all kinds of flexible in the shower and looks like all he can think about is what position to get into to make sure that Topher’s cock goes in as deep as possible.

Topher pins Tayte against the mirror and fucks him for a bit before moving the action to the bedroom where Tayte finds himself upside down with his hole up in the air. After playing around with it for a bit Topher can’t help himself but to want to fuck Tayte again so he goes balls deep this time as he thrusts up and down into Tayte’s hole. At one point Tayte even manages to get his own dick in his mouth and suck himself off! After some more intense fucking by the window Tayte finally gives up and admits that he can’t hold it anymore so he blows a massive load all over himself which makes Topher shoot his load all over Tayte too. No wonder Tayte has decided to move to LA! All that Sun has got him horny 24/7!


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Topher-Dimagio-Tayte-Hanson_0046 Topher-Dimagio-Tayte-Hanson_0047


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