An Arkansas judge has been running a risque and morally reprehensible side-business, trading sex with vulnerable young male criminals for more lenient sentencing.

Joseph Boeckmann served as a district judge in Cross County, Arkansas for six years. He publicly presented himself as the embodiment of the moral high ground, deciding the fates of those who passed through his courtroom.

But now Boeckmann stands accused of a crime himself: reducing the sentences of young men, at least one of whom is under 18, who helped him with “personal work,” a euphemism if there ever was once.

According to The Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission, Boeckmann requested that young males contact him at his home to complete “community sentences” like trash pickup.

But when they arrived at the house, they were asked for all sorts of sexual favors in order to have their court fines reduced or thrown out altogether.

Boeckmann also photographed many of the men nude, and hundreds of those pictures have been recovered off his hard drive.

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