As their partners head off to work out, host Matthew Bosch shows visiting friend Adam Ramzi to his room. But the distracted Adam has his eyes fixated on Matthew’s groin: “Can I see it?” Matthew’s massive uncut meat is quickly in Adam’s eager hand. The bearded visitor wraps his lips around it, playing with the hairy jock’s low hangers. He whips the sizeable shaft onto his chest, then slams it against his face. Matthew shoves him onto the bed and sucks him back. He eats him out, getting Adam to moan “Fuck me with that big dick!” He rams him from behind, then turns Adam over for more, their hairy groins slamming against each other. The sweaty Adam sits down on Matthew and rides, his own boner slamming against the top’s chiseled stomach—so excited that he releases a big hands-free squirt onto the top, then takes a facial before stroking out his second load. With cum clinging to both of their beards, they share a! final wet kiss.

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