Steve Roman hops in the shower—water cascading down every inch of his furry muscles. Beefy Liam Knox joins him for a kiss as their groins grind. He buries his face in Steve’s massive pecs, bicep and pit as the two grunt. Steve pins Liam against the wall and licks down to his jock ass, spreading his cheeks and diving his tongue inside. Steve slurps the verbal moaner (“Suck those nuts!”), then offers his own cock—his fuzzy nuts caked in spit as he fucks Liam’s face. In the bedroom, their boners touch as they kiss. Steve offers his hole, his deep voice moaning as he takes it. Liam fucks him fast, then lets the bottom take control—grinding his jock ass down on it. “You want more of this dick?” asks Liam, the bottom sitting his hairy ass on it. Liam plows him like a jackrabbit from below, Steve yelling “Harder!” as he grips the top’s thick neck. Steve gets on his back, his pecs shaking as he gets pounded—hi! s hairy groin soon coated in their cum.

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