Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band have cancelled their concert scheduled for tomorrow in Greensboro, North Carolina, to protest the state’s new law blocking anti-discrimination measures for gay, lesbian and transgender people. Springsteen said the law overturns progress in recognizing the human rights of all people. His boycott is one of growing number of economic hits to North Carolina and other states adopting similar laws.
Joining me now to discuss that is “Politico” reporter Kevin Robillard. He joins us from Washington.

So, how significant has this been for North Carolina? I mean, it’s been bad press for them all week. But does this make an economic impact?


 Clearly, it’s starting to have one. Last night, there were some reports from the North Carolina media that, you know, significant numbers of conventions were either cancelling or reconsidering going to North Carolina, which is something that translated to, you know, the thousands, potentially the tens of thousands in hotel room stays.

And, you know, chances are when you’re staying in it a hotel, you’re also going out to eat and, you know, purchasing things at nearby stores for your family or whatever. So, yes, this is something that has a ripple effect when, you know, these boycotts or decisions not to go to North Carolina are start stacking up.
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