Blackmail is messy business but then again, if you want to get ahead in Washington, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty every now and again. Congressman Markie More understands this, but unfortunately, so does potential intern Jimmy Clay. Jimmy has some rather incriminating evidence on his phone that Markie would prefer not see the light of day, but in order to keep Jimmy quiet, Markie’s gonna have to play ball. Jimmy just wants what’s coming to him, and Markie is in no position to deny his request, so Jimmy and Markie strip down and commence to engage in some cross partisan hard negotiations. One thing Jimmy learns about Markie is that he stands behind his work, doing everything he can to ram his positions through the procedure, and while Markie is unsure if Jimmy can be trusted, he accepts Jimmy’s firm promise that nothing will leak out as long as he doesn’t mind the hard work in front of him. Besides, what’s a little more polling to a Washington insider? Enjoy!

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