Thank you to all those that sent in answers

Ariel…. Always dreamt of having a tail!!- Theo Ford

What a difficult question! I like Ariel because she has the best songs to sing and the setting of the movie is so beautiful to look at. – Josh Stone

This is a tough one.  I’m gonna have to go with a lesser-known and appreciated Disney character – Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  I think I just relate to her in so many ways – she’s an outcast, a performer at heart and incredibly exotic and sexy!  ;-)-Damon Andros

Am I a bad gay? I couldn’t name one if my life depended on it!- Tony Salerno

My favorite Disney princess is Snow White. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by men all day every day? –Asher Devin

Alladin!  What a whiner!- Billy Santoro

Wow, I usually focus on the prince but I’ll lean toward Merida from Brave. She’s rebellious,independent and breaks all the princess stereotypes.
Rodney Steele

Jasmine-Alexander Gustavo

Pocahontas,  cmon the leather outfit- Fab Scout Howard

I find them all aggravating. They whine. They cry. Etc.. I am much more attracted to Snow White’s stepmother. She was so much more aesthetically pleasing than Snow White. And, she was a bad ass! Nick Capra

Princess Ariel. I’m all about forbidden love, lust and exploration. – Killian James

It’s a toss up between Ariel and Jasmine. Jasmine is sexy as fuck, but Ariel has that red hair and we all want to know what merpussy feels like. Does it actually taste like tuna? –Jaxton Wheeler

Jasmine is my favorite! I love her spirit and refusal to conform to the norms of society. Ian Levine


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