Protect yourself from HIV every day. PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) is a daily medicine (taken as a pill) that helps you stay HIV-negative. Learn more at

How Do I Get PrEP?
PrEP is covered by health insurance plans including Medi-Cal and Medi-Care. If you are not eligible for health insurance, PrEP is still available. Learn more at

How Do I Find a Doctor?
If you do not currently have a doctor, search our PrEP Directory at…

Special Thanks to…
Carlos Aguas-Pinzón, AIDS Project Los Angeles / Fuerza Positiva
Daniel Franzese
Sean Z. Maker, Rated-Z Studios
Dr. Leo Moore
Mikaela Saelua, AIDS Project Los Angeles / Red Circle Project
Marc Anthony Samuel
Natalie Sanchez, AltaMed
Doug Spearman
Kyle Baker
Danielle Mosher
Calvin Fleming
Anthony Estrada
Los Angeles LGBT Center

Produced by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Division of HIV and STD Programs (DHSP)


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