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Tampa –, the network of independent porn producers, has created a payment service alternative for sex workers called Most sex workers use services like PayPal and to accept payment from fans for custom videos, underwear, or tributes.  Those services clearly state in their Terms and Conditions that they are not to be used for any “Adult” transactions. Both have taken measures to ban or freeze the accounts of many sex workers, and those who still have accounts can only accept payments within the US (until the accounts are eventually frozen.)

While these services are still used by sex workers, they often have to work around the rules and conduct business on the “sly”, such as using the “send money to friends” option, or tell their customers “Don’t tell them what you are paying for…” which greatly decreases customer confidence.  The adult industry-friendly merchant processors charge up to 15% plus a 6-month holding period on up to 10% of your earnings to process your payments.

PervOUT Pay provides a safe and legitimate alternative to sex workers who would like to sell custom videos, Skype sessions, tributes, and used clothing. You will no longer need to worry about having your accounts frozen and can now bring in another source of income. This is one more step in the efforts of legitimizing sex work. is simple to use:

– You get your own login to create your dashboard with the items that you offer and pricing.

– You will receive an email notification letting you know that you’ve received an order and payment right away.

– PervOUT Pay will ACH your money to your bank account weekly, without having to request a payout. The pay period is SaturdaySunday, payments are received the following Wednesday (Thursday if there is a bank holiday).

 – You can collect payments from people outside of the US, expanding your customer base.

 – You no longer have to conduct business on the “sly”, because the bank is fine with adult content.

 – PervOUT Pay only keeps 10% to cover the high banking fee applied. This is less than the industry leading payment processors charge.

 – ZERO risk of your money getting frozen or any other banking headaches associated with other payment services. is also user-friendly for customers. Once they visit your page, they simply select the item(s) that they are purchasing, enter their payment information, and click on the “Complete Purchase” button. Customers are also provided with links to customer support, which is handled by PervOUT Pay, and confirmation that their oder are 100% secure. Your international customers now have a safe and easy way to send you payments.

If you are a sex worker and are interested in using this breakthrough service, please contact PervOUT Pay at Don’t use a payment service that doesn’t respect or understand your business, use a payment service that was created BY sex workers for sex workers.

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