On the beach, it’s just Jake Henry and his board. Jake knows that the ocean is his unpredictable. On a day when there are no Waves and the sun will be descending soon, Jake knows where he belongs…relaxing at home. Get comfortable with him in his beach bungalow, just feet from the surf. He loves watching boats and tankers through is telescope as they move up and down in the water waaaaaay off in the distance. It’s warm in his house. The relaxing environment makes his dick harden up a bit. Jake pulls his board shorts down enough so his stiffening cock pops out. He strokes it slowly and lets his hands wander all over his chest and ass. He moves to the bed where his erection grows to full mast. Jake lays back and lets the waves of rolling ecstasy envelop his senses. He toys with his tender asshole as he jerks his throbbing meat. His ass hasn’t been fucked in so long…but it’s sure hungry. Enjoy!


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