ShoutoutPost.com has recently launched its new website (app coming soon). The site aims to assist social media influencers to grow their following.

For years, users on the popular social networks, Instagram and Twitter, have been doing what is known as a shoutout. A shoutout is a post on a social media account that is given, sponsored, or traded and includes text (and usually an image) provided by a third party, usually to promote another account or bring awareness to a business.

Prior to the launch of ShoutoutPost, a user would have to contact the owner of the social media account in order to facilitate a trade of a shoutout. Typically some back and forth texting would occur, setting up guidelines and copy for the post. It sounds easy enough, however, often times the account holder doesn’t respond, isn’t interested, or the following counts are different thus the trade is unfair.

ShoutoutPost eliminates the hassle. After a user joins and imports their Instagram and Twitter accounts, other accounts with a similar following automatically display and can be sorted by category. A user can then select an account to trade with. Once selected, the user can then upload an optional photo and enter custom text for the shoutout. It is then sent to the account that the user selected to trade with, who then has the option to respond with a trade of theirs.

ShoutoutPost provides a convenient way for social media marketers to grow a following through the trading of shoutouts.

For more information, please visit the company’s website: https://shoutoutpost.com/.


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