Pass the Tea asked Jaxton what caused his impromptu Twitter rant against the Grabbys. Is he that offended at being nominated? Does he hate awards shows? Is he one of those “Gay4Pay” models with hostility toward gay porn, as some have openly suspected? Or is he just being a “Manly Man”? Here’s what Jaxton said:

“I guess [the rant] could be for a couple reasons. First, I don’t remember asking anyone to nominate me so maybe I just don’t want to feel obligated to take the award. Or maybe the term “Manliest Man” bothers me. I mean, it just feels like a joke category: “Manliness Man.” I imagine a Will Farrell skit with him yelling the title of that category. But I doubt a so-called ‘Gay4Pay’ model like me is going to hinder this event with a few tweets, and besides my rants never last long.”

So should porn award shows drop the silly categories like “Manliest Man”? Are porn stars like Jaxton right to be offended or should they lighten the fuck up? What do you think?




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