Despite NO cases among adult performers, vaccinations are recommended.

An outbreak of invasive meningococcal disease (IMD) is ongoing in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. So far this year, twenty-four (24) cases of IMD, including meningitis and bloodstream infections, have been linked with this outbreak in Los Angeles County, Long Beach, and Orange County. Sixteen (16) of the cases have occurred in the past two months. The disease, which is transmitted through saliva, sneezing, coughing, sharing beverages and kissing, is potentially deadly. Smoking and having multiple close or intimate contacts also has been shown to increase risk. While the bacteria does not discriminate, most of the cases in the outbreak have been among men who have sex with men.

There have been no cases among adult film performers.  However, as part of ongoing collaboration between the adult industry and state and local public health departments, the FSC feels it is important to help raise awareness around IMD. A single vaccination is protective for persons who do not have HIV.

If you are concerned and want more information, or want to get a free vaccination from the LA County Department of Public Health, please call 2-1-1, or visit: