It was snowing pretty hard outside the morning Dillon Rossi awoke from a deep slumber to see the handsome Colby Chambers gazing out the window in nothing but his trunks. Seriously… what better site to see when you first wake up than the tall and gorgeous man you just spent the night with standing at your windowsill, the morning light reflecting off his every muscle? Being the charmer that he is, Dillon coaxed Colby back over to the bed where he peeked inside his trunks, peeled them down, and began kissing his lower torso. This really got Colby revved up, so he climbed on the bed where Dillon pulled him close for a slow, sensual kiss.

Colby then began playing with Dillon’s firm, perfect ass. He rimmed and finger-fucked him gently, priming him for his cock. But before the main event, Colby couldn’t just dismiss Dillon’s large, thick cock standing to attention. He moved up Dillon’s body where he kissed his neck, then shifted his body around so he could give Dillon the perfect blowjob while offering his cock to Dillon’s eager lips at the same time. They established a perfect sixty-nine position but Colby’s energy kept increasing… and before long he was full-on skull-fucking Dillon! With Dillon’s eyes just about watering, Colby finally released his cock and gave Dillon an upside-down Spiderman-style kiss. After that, Dillon could only murmur, “I want you to fuck me so badly.”

Soon enough, Dillon was on all fours while Colby ate his ass once again before plowing his cock swiftly inside Dillon. You know guys have perfect chemistry when they can just get right into it, rough and rowdy, perfectly in sync with one another. They were both moaning and egging each other on, adding to their intimate doggy-style rhythm, Colby pulling back tufts of Dillon’s disheveled bed hair. Dillon then got on top of Colby where he rode him like a pro, his cheeks spread wide. Colby wanted to take complete control as they both neared climax, though, so he flipped Dillon on his back and jack-hammered him in old-fashioned missionary — pulling Dillon’s ass further in the air so he could go in as deep as possible. This led Dillon to an upside-down position while Colby was full-on standing up against the bed’s backboard, conveniently presenting Dillon’s face as the perfect landing area for Colby’s load. It just kept on spurting out of Colby until Dillon’s amused facial expression was well-covered. A short while later, Dillon shot a big load, too, with Colby sweetly (and literally) lending him a helping hand.

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