Cameron is just getting out of his car when he sees a longtime friend Nate walking right by. He stops Nate and they have a small chat about hanging out some time again and having Cameron’s wife make dinner for them. Nate loves the idea and begins to day dream as he hears Cameron saying he wants his tight ass. Nate than goes into dream state thinking of how great it would be to suck on that sexy cock of his. Next you know it Nate is dreaming and on his knees servicing Cameron in more ways than one. Cameron even sucks on Nate’s lovely hard dick as they both enjoy each other’s naked bodies. Cameron is really eager to fuck that cute ass so he bends him over the couch and goes deep inside Nate’s small hole pushing balls up against his ass. Cameron pounds that tight ass pulling his cock out and back in multiple times until he pushes Nate onto the ground and throws his legs high up in the air and goes deep and hard. Nate loves to call Cameron Daddy as he is being used fucked across the floor.

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