All-American muscle is on display when Jacob Peterson and Jack Hunter start stripping down. Mustached Jack reclines on the bed as hairy-chested Jacob strips off his clothes. Jack’s throbbing cock is irresistible to Jacob; he slurps on Jack’s veiny meat. Jack’s balls swing heavy and low in the air. Moving to a 69, Jack wraps his lips around Jacob’s uncut rod, then spreads Jacob’s ass for a taste of his perfect, pink hole. The sensation has Jacob fired up and ready to fuck, so he pulls Jack up on his knees to get pounded doggy style… but that’s not all Jacob wants. Throwing his legs in the air, Jacob lets Jack take control. Jacob strokes his meat, savoring every one of Jack’s thrusts. With the feeling of Jack’s cock inside him, Jacob spills his seed all over his furry stomach. Jack strokes himself off, shooting thick splatters of cum onto Jacob’s abs.

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