To prep for his first shoot, Liam Knox heads to the home of Jesse Jackman to break the ice—and the two realize they’ve met before. “That was one of the best weekends of my life,” smiles Liam, the two soon locking lips—their foreheads touching as they stare deeply into each other’s eyes. Liam drops down to release Jesse’s monster cock, taking it deep as spit clings to the shaft. Jesse pulls the sucker up for a kiss, cocks and foreheads touching again. Jesse bends down, Liam’s boner sliding on his furry muscle pecs. Liam moans “That feels so fucking good!” as Jesse sucks him back. Jesse eats Liam’s hairy hole, getting him to beg for it: “I want you in me!” Liam gets fucked on his back (“Oh God…so fucking big!”), moaning as he gets it deep. They flip positions, Jesse’s boner pulsing as he gets slammed. The bottom’s eyes roll up in his head, Liam stroking Jesse as he fucks him. They release their! loads, Jesse rubbing it into Liam’s hot bod.

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