A day at the barber turns into a hot sex on the barber’s chair when hairy, hunky Adam Ramzi gets a trim from the ripped and ready Mitch Vaughan. With the sounds of the busy city just outside, the two men explore each other’s bodies in this sweat-and-muscle bound scene.

Mitch drops to his knees and blows Adam right in the chair. Adam’s uncut dick is dripping pre-cum and throbbing as Mitch buries his face in Adam’s crotch. Switching places, Adam gets Mitch into the chair and gives his hard dick some attention before turning him around and giving his asshole a tongue lashing.

After fucking him in the barber chair, Adam moves Mitch to the floor where he lets him have a stiff fuck from behind. Mitch’s ripped body pulses each time Adam rams his dick into his hole. Moving back to the chair, Mitch lays on his back and blows a big load while Adam fucks his hole. Some cum swapping puts the perfect end on this hot scene.

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